​​​​​​​​​​​Join the Team

at AC Oakland

​​One of America's best selling books over the past century is Jack London's short story, "The Call of the Wild". The reason for its renown is simple: deep down we all know that there has to be something more to life than the mundane.  We hope that as you have read our vision it was a "call" to the wild parts of your heart that want to see God do the extra-ordinary.

Please partner with us in prayer and consider if God might be talking to you about joining our team.​​​

Our Values

​Jesus @ the Center.  People Matter. 
Contributors not Consumers.  Apostolic.  Innovative.
Grow BIG by Staying Small.
​Exceptional Worship.  Everyone has Purpose.

Our Mission

AC Oakland exists so that in a culture far from God, 

every generation will be reached with the Gospel​.

While we are open to people at every stage of life, 

we are seeking to be a spirit-filled ministry for

students and young adults.

HI, WE'RE {kinda} NEW HERE.

AC Oakland Logo

​​What is AC Oakland?

AC Oakland is a new-ish campus ministry of The Apostolic Church of Auburn Hills, that launched in September of 2016 at Oakland University.

Our Vision

​The church we see is a church committed to reaching those far from God at any cost; innovative in the delivery of a timeless Gospel. A worshipping church, full of the joy and hope that comes from Jesus, living in a way that those around us feel God's grace and power. We see a church that is alive, impacting its community, growing in number and in influence.

-Kristin Griffith